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Demo Sale!

2000RT CR Systems

Like New Demo Units still under
Parts & Labor Warranty for 6 Months

(Only 2 Available)

(Includes shipping, installation,
in-service training, and a
6-month factory warranty)
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2000RT CR System
Enjoy the convenience of a 2000RT CR System.   Eliminate the costly expense of maintaining a processor and developing films. 

Reclaim precious space in your department and get rid of the file cabinets for film jackets.  Physicians can view images remotely from their office or another location. 

The 2000RT CR System can be placed near the console and used on multiple Linacs, simulators and even Cobalt units. 

Capture TBI and Long Bone images not possible on an EPID.  Acquire QA images such as star shots, HDR dwell, MLC checks, etc…